Body massages


Body massages

Thai traditional massage

Relaxes and soothes

Thai traditional massage


The Asian massage is mixture of health knowledge and art. It’s basic principle is relax tight muscles and relieve stress and pain in the muscles. The muscles are deeply massaged and stretched with the palms, elbows, arms and knees.

You will get a feeling of stretch, light and energetic well –being and will sleep deeper than normal during the nights following the massage.


60 min. 110 zł

90 min. 160 zł

120 min. 200 zł


Relieving time


Relieving time


A stress relieving half – body massage focusing on the head, neck and upper back muscle. In this treatment Aromatic oil blends are used which relax tight muscles and soothe the senses.

30 min. 70 zł


Reflexology 62 points – Treatment for feet

Therapeutic foot massage

Reflexology 62 points


A foot massage that relaxes and softens tired of walk. We are put Thai herbal for Detoxify and make foot to relax before massage with Thai balm.

60 min. 100 zł


Thai herbal compresses massage


Thai herbal compresses


A combination of massage and gentle pressing of never routes with a warm herbal poultice sachet and massage with oil. In this massage, energy streams of the body are handled acupressure points are stimulated. The result is a relaxed, renewed, and tranquil wellbeing.

90 min. 220 zł

120 min. 250 zł



Thai herbal compresses massage


Thai herbs


90 min. 260 zł


Hot lava stone massage

The warmth and aroma

lava stone


Hot Stone massage. An effectively relaxing massage performed with warm lava stones using oil blends. Massaging with warm stones opens blocks in the muscles pain and relaxes. The massage lasts for about 90 min.

90 min. 240 zł

120 min. 290 zł