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Recommended massages and treatments


thai massage

The Asian massage is mixture of health knowledge and art. It’s basic principle is relax tight muscles and relieve stress and pain in the muscles. The muscles are deeply massaged and stretched with the palms, elbows, arms and knees.

You will get a feeling of stretch, light and energetic well –being and will sleep deeper than normal during the nights following the massage.


Masaż tajski - różne pozycje masażu


hot lava stone

An effectively relaxing massage performed with warm lava stones using oil blends. Massaging with warm stones opens blocks in the muscles pain and relaxes.



Massage for couples

Most wonderful pleasure is sharing beautiful and special moments with your loved one.

Massage for couples is a great proposition for a relaxing and romantic way to spend time with a loved one. We offer various type of massage (except for Thai massage), which will carry out two therapists. This form of massage will not only relax your body, heal the ailments of everyday life but it is a great way to spend time with partner and strengthen the bond between loved ones.

Masaż aromatyczny

Each pair can choose any massage from our offer (except Thai massage).
We especially recommend:

massage: relieving time
massage: thai oil and herbs
massage: thai herbal compresses

Our Philosophy




“You are what, you eat”

Places that we create are inspired by the culture and philosophy of the Far East. In present times of rush and hurry, we felt a mission to create unique places derived from old Asian wisdom. It is not difficult to serve food or provide other services without an idea and the belief of doing something good.

We decided to fight the fast food culture and celebrate every second, every morsel, offering a healthy and genuine alternative world, which delights.

The beginning was  the Zen …
The philosophy of Zen is living in harmony with oneself, appreciation of simple values and tasting of existence.

This philosophy gave beginning of  Zen Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant. Here we started our adventure inspired by Asia …

After the success of Zen we decided to go one step further and create Tao… Another Asian philosophy motivated us to create and follow ancient Chinese beliefs. From the philosophy of Tao we drew what is lacking in today’s world: the belief that humans and nature are one, that is the Tao. This is how the Tao Teppanyaki & More restaurant started..

Both of our places focus on healthy food products of the highest quality, always smiling and friendly service, which comes from different parts of the world. We decided to promote that “you are what, you eat …” and encourage healthy eating and lifestyle.

Another mission was to create a place that cares not only for the palate and soul, but about the health and condition of modern humans. Thus was founded the Tao Spa Therapy.  Most recent place continuing the philosophy of the Tao. It is therefore necessary to work and live in harmony with the environment, as well as accept and understand that we come from nature, which offers many benefits.
Therefore Tao Spa Therapy This is no ordinary spa. It is a combination of therapy, pleasure and range of treatments which are designed to heal the body and relieve it of the problems of everyday life.

Zen, Tao, Tao Spa Therapy are three different places that share a common idea – to make happy, well-being and health. We put a lot of effort that guests visiting our places could feel special. Every day is a new opportunity to satisfy, enhance and improve our work. Our purpose is to gain and strengthen your confidence.