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Hot lava stone massage

Hot Stone massage. An effectively relaxing massage performed with warm lava stones using oil blends. Massaging with warm stones opens blocks in the muscles pain and relaxes. The massage lasts for about 90 min.

90 min. – 240 pln

120 min...

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Thai traditional massage

The Asian massage is mixture of health knowledge and art. Lt’s basic principle is relax tight muscles and relieve stress and pain in the muscles. The muscles are deeply massaged and stretched with the palms, elbows, arms and knees. You..

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Relieving time

A stress relieving half – body massage focusing on the head, neck and upper back muscle. In this treatment Aromatic oil blends are used which relax tight muscles and soothe the senses.

30 min. 70 PLN

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Brightening Skin

Remove and change the dull skin cells to be brightly whiter. Delay for melanin production and protect skin from having black spots. Remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the new cells growth. Maintain and increase the moisture to..

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Sensitive Skin

Absorb the toxin out from skin and reduce the sunburned effect. Provide Anti-Oxidant effect. Stimulate the keratin’s production and deeply clean skin. Relieve and relax the tension of skin.

90 min. 320 PLN

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Dehydrated Skin

Provide Antioxidant effect: reduce roughness and dryness of skin. Prevent skin from wrinkle compensate the moistening water of skin which pass away due to facing up the pollution. Increase the brightening and shining effect, reduce the..

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