A soft and extremely relaxing body massage that soothes all senses. Secret oriental oil blends are used.

Aromatherapy is a pleasant and relaxing experience where a slow and light massage is performed with fragrant oils. Essential oil are evaporated with a stimulating effect on the body and mind. Essential oils are derived from fruits, seeds and plants by distilling or crushing and they have various effects. In nature cure, Essential oil herb materials are used. They help with insomnia, Muscle pains and joint, hormonal problems and stress. They are also known to stimulate metabolism and blood circulation, balance moods and remove metabolic waste from the body. Aromatherapy enhances health and wellbeing in a holistic way, giving an energetic and good feeling that lasts for a long time after the treatment.

60 min. – 170 pln

90 min. – 220 pln